More Black Panther: New Yakuza chapter info

I guess we will call the game, Black Panther here instead of Black Leopard, even if the game has no official US name. We already know with the last trailer, that the lead character Tatsuya Ukyou accidentally kills Naoki Toda, a high ranking Tojo Clan member. What we did not know is that Ukyo was planning on leaving Kamurocho after the killing, but was attacked by some men that knocked him out with a stun gun.

When Ukyo was unconscious they took him to Dragon Heat, an underground fighting arena that is ran by the Tojo Clan’s Kuki family. There is a big fight going on, two fighters are going at it, Takeru and Ryu. Takeru is powerful, but loses because of Ryu’s dead on hits. Uyko is then approached by the manager, Ryutaro Kuki, telling him if he joins Dragon Heat he will overlook the death of Naoki Toda.

All the shops you expect will be included, hostess bars will be there and there plays to be over 100 side quests. Just because its on the small screen does not mean it will be a small game.

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One response to “More Black Panther: New Yakuza chapter info

  1. Sharky says:

    For a PSP game those graphics are beast!

    Looks better then PS2… hell i think it might look better then some Wii games.

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