Get your artwork featured in Phantasy Star Portable 2

So you like doing doodles and like Phantasy Star Portable 2? What if you could get your artwork as an in-game item? The item will be a wall scroll that players will be able to hang in their ‘My Room’. They say you are allowed to submit anything as long as its Phantasy Star releated. Nei lives, come on guys!

  • One Grand Prize Winner receive their art included as a wall-scroll in Phantasy Star Portable 2, and a free copy of the game!
  • Two First Place Winners winners will each receive a free copy of the game, and their submissions featured on the SEGA Blogs!
  • Seven Runner-up Winners will each receive a Phantasy Star T-shirt, and an inflatable Rappy!

The image size will be 374 x 561, or multiples of this as long as the it can be scaled down correctly. E-mail your submissions to More details on the SEGA Blog.


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