Neptune first gameplay trailer

A new trailer for ‘Neptune’. Sega and Compile Heart’s PS3 exclusive RPG. This trailer shows off game play for the first time and some of the ‘summons’ you can do which happen to be based on Master System era Sega IPs. This trailer shows Alex Kidd, Shinobi and Space Harrier.

If you are interested in this game I have a funny feeling it may never release outside of Japan. So you’ll probably have to import.

As for me, I’m not sure what to think of this game yet. But it is a pretty funky concept!


8 responses to “Neptune first gameplay trailer

  1. Orta says:

    It looks like a visual novel. Eeeh

  2. Emmett The Crab says:

    Sumo Digital should do the Western Localization and call it "Sega All-stars RPG (Project Neptune)". That might get it some success.

  3. crackdude says:


  4. matty says:

    This is pretty interesting – you can put other game icons in the game as well as people in the game:

    It seems only Neptune can do this for now, but whatever brings me closer to Noir / Black Heart.

  5. fernandeath says:

    "Sumo Digital should do the Western Localization and call it “Sega All-stars RPG (Project Neptune)”. That might get it some success."

    That's not a bad idea… you should email them telling your idea.

  6. Sharky says:

    no its not a bad idea, its a bloody terrible idea. It has about 5 obscure sega characters in it that everyone has forgotten by now, not even Sonic.

    Plus I doubt it'll even be very good honestly.

  7. SufferLikeGDid says:

    I seriously don't know how to feel about this game anymore. I'm not really a fan of the cast. As much as I like a woman's curves, throwing a male or two in there could mix things up. It just seems like a cliched Japanese game at this point. Just too much fan-service.

    Still, if this ever gets released worldwide (highly doubtful) then you can bet that I'd buy it.

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