Conduit 2 to support voice chat with any player?

New information regarding Conduit 2 suggest that you won’t need to be in the same game with players on your ‘friends list’ to chat with them. Which is pretty good for a Wii game.

The article also says that you will be able to add players you played with to your “ally list”, this list can hold up to 96 players. Friend codes will be required to put friends on your ‘friends list’ but not ‘allies list’. Sort of move, if you ask me.

Since this information is not 100% confirmed, we will put this up as a rumor.

[Source: GoNintendo]


2 responses to “Conduit 2 to support voice chat with any player?

  1. CosmicCastaway says:

    It would be neat if this is true. Although truth be told I try to ignore players with microphones during online matches because most of the time they just brag, cuss, make racist remarks etc.

  2. matty says:

    ^I ignore them, too. If mics weren't required to entire some games I would throw them out completely. They're not as helpful as they were originally planned – it's more of a distraction for me…

    damn twelve year olds.

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