Sega Private Show 2010 (Arcade Heroes)

“Every year Sega Japan holds a “private” summer show where they give select persons a view of some of the new content that they are bringing to arcades later that year. But it’s only private in the sense of it being who gets an invitation as every year sources reveal the content from that event. The most recent show took place on Saturday and we now have a look at a few new arcade products in development although it is likely that they will not get any official support internationally.”

This year Sega were showing off,
Sangokushi Taisen – A new game in the hit series
Sega Card Gen MLB 2010 – A brand new baseball game
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown – The latest version of VF5
World Club Championship Football Intercontinental Clubs 2009-2010
Heat Up Hockey – Virtual air hockey puck and board for more options
Border Break V2.0 – New version of their online Mech game
Star Horse 2: Final Destination – Horse racing with a massive cab

Go to Arcade Heroes for a more indepth write up on each game.


2 responses to “Sega Private Show 2010 (Arcade Heroes)

  1. Shigs says:

    Border Break looks crazy. It'd make a good online console game.

  2. Sharky says:

    Sure would but Sega would do best to wait a while until the popularity in the arcades dies down a bit.

    They are a big player in the Arcade industry and need to keep a good popular line up there. Porting it to console would take the lime light from the Arcades.

    It's a ballancing act.

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