Pre-order Valkyria Chronicles 2, get free DLC

We know that Valkyria Chronicles 2 has had DLC made in Japan, if you pre-order your game now, you will get two free DLC missions.

• Exercise vs. Class E – An exterminatory war exercise against rival class E using all the areas of Leanbluff Forest. Destroy all enemies in each area to win this challenge.
• Exercise vs. Class F – A defense exercise against rival class F. Break through their stonewalling defense and take over their encampment to win this mission.

The DLC is for both Europe and America, in America the promo is being ran by Gamestop. The game hits America on August 31st and Europe on September 3rd.


One response to “Pre-order Valkyria Chronicles 2, get free DLC

  1. CosmicCastaway says:

    This is great news. I haven't used my PSP yet for DLC but this would be a great thing to start with.

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