Gamescom Vanquish Gameplay

Check out this new gameplay footage of Vanquish taken at Gamecom. It appears to be the same stage as the one demoed at E3, but it’s always good to see new run through as different people employ different tactics.

Sadly there is no audio, but that doesn’t stop it from being awesome to watch.



7 responses to “Gamescom Vanquish Gameplay

  1. Sharky says:

    Nice work Shadi.

  2. fernandeath says:

    GOTY 2010 along with Sonic Colors ?

  3. Autosaver says:

    What is Vanquish? Halo on drugs? That looked pretty cool where the robot was getting attacked and he just slid insanely fast to cover.

  4. Ali says:


    Too bad this was a "hidden" game at Gamescom. Nobody knew it was playable, since it wasn't written at the Microsoft booth, you had to esplicatly ask about it…

  5. Autosaver says:

    For whatever reason, the video isn't showing up?

  6. ShadiWulf says:

    Video shows up just fine. Here is the direct link if you can't see it embedded for some reason

  7. Sega Uranus says:

    Honestly every time I see this I get less interested. I mean, it is probably because a lot of the people playing it are doing it wrong, but I just do not see the reason for hype when everything outside of the sliding and maybe the slow motion stuff is IMO bland as they can come.

    Most likely I will be playing through the game somehow this year, so I am kind of hoping that changes my opinion.

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