End of Eternity testing out new 360 budget packaging

Yes, End of Eternity (Western title Resonance of Fate) has went budget priced in Japan. Not only that, it is one of the first games to get the new ‘platinum collection’ packaging from Microsoft.

So what did the old packaging look like? Check out the old Platinum Collection box art for Bayonetta. Yeah, it has improved for the better. End of Eternity reprint is coming out in Japan on December the 2nd.

[Source: Siliconera]


8 responses to “End of Eternity testing out new 360 budget packaging

  1. Sega Uranus says:

    I think the new design looks "Cheaper", like someone in MSpaint made it or something.

  2. SkyGod says:

    I think the new design for the "Platinum Collection" box art has improved i like what they did with it.

    This a'nt no joke.

  3. Monkeroony says:

    This looks nice. I didn't mind the green style platinum box before but this looks a bit classier.

    The PS3 platinum cases in the UK look awful and need changing, they make the product look cheap and make me try to find the game in its pre-platinum case.

  4. CrazyTails says:

    I love this game, still haven't finished it sadly :(.

  5. Monkeroony says:

    Also End FO Eternity, what the hell!

  6. George says:

    Read from top down, OF.





  7. Naw, it's like this fools: End Fo' Eternity! Like this the end fo' ever, dog!

  8. Monkeroony says:

    @George, yes thank you I do have eyes, I just see it as FO, perhaps if the letters were tilted the other way.

    Also, I read english characters from left to right like everyone else.

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