Looking forward: Good and bad SEGA games in 2011

So SEGA delivered a pretty good year in gaming for 2010, releasing some quality titles  on all platforms and putting stupid smiles on our faces. But now that the year is coming to a close, we are looking forward to 2011.

What games look good and what games look like crap.

Conduit 2

High Voltage brought their much hyped “Conduit” game to the Wii, the result? Lots of negative feedback. Sure they tried some pretty new things that no Wii games have tried before, but just because you try something, doesn’t make it good.

Seems that High Voltage has learned its lesson and is really trying to improve this game. Though you really have to question a studio that hasn’t released a great game with SEGA yet. Will this break the mold?

MY TAKE: Won’t Deliver

Shogun 2: Total War

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest Total War fan. I like Creative Assembly as a studio, just never ventured into their games. But if this game is as good as quality as their previous games, they will continue to deliver on their AAA franchise.

This game returns back to Japanese wars, which to some of the fans of Rome and other western themed military games, will disappointed. But from gameplay footage I have seen, maybe its good to have some variety?

MY TAKE: Will Deliver

Super Monkey Ball 3DS

SEGA will support another Nintendo system with a Super Monkey title for its launch? As much as I like my Monkey Ball, trust me I like Monkeys in balls, this is getting to be a bit much. The concept of the game is simple, we all played the games before it, but what is this offering?

Not too much from what we have seen so far, its even the worse looking 3DS title shown so far. The only thing positive I can say is that the original team is working on it.

MY TAKE: Won’t Deliver

Virtua Tennis 4

Jesus, I remember playing Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast at my friends house. As usual, I played the game down due to thinking tennis was a stupid sport. Well, right after the first match all I could think about was playing again and again.

Even though I’m questioning the ‘motion controller’ aspect of part four, as long as it has a regular control option, more mini games and a ton of things to do; giving more of the same won’t be a bad thing.

MY TAKE: Will Deliver

Rise of Nightmares

This is probably the hardest title to judge, since we have not seen much. I like the fact that its going to be a horror game, SEGA needs more horror games. But what will it play like? This is what I want to know about most Kinect games and where most fall apart. They can have great concepts, but they are limited somewhat by controls.

Regardless, the very little I have seen, I hope its something like D with more action. I think i’m a bit excited about the potential. I will have to go with my gut and say…

MY TAKE: Will Deliver

Yakuza 4

Another Yakuza game. This time it adds four playable characters, instead of just playing as Kazuma. As you know, I’m a huge fan of the franchise, I have been since I got the first one on the PS2.

Now what would you expect me to say to a new Yakuza game?

MY TAKE: Will Deliver

Thor: God of Thunder

OK, if you read my blog posts about this game, you will know I’m not really a fan of how its turning out. I rather they just used the Viking formula, but it seems they are going for more of a God of War clone.

The graphics are already bad, the gameplay looks bland. I can tell it will be repetitive. Did I mention it is coming out for like, every system under the sun?

MY TAKE: Won’t Deliver

Captain America: Super Soldier

Captain America is pretty badass, he beat up Hitler with his own fists and restored order to the world. America saves all your butts again.

OK, maybe that is false. This game has a promising developer, but I don’t know if the game will be as great as I hope it is. It has platforming, brawling and bad graphics. I think most people will be surprised that it isn’t a piece of shit, but I still think it will not deliver like Batman Arkham Asylum has.

MY TAKE: Won’t Deliver

Note: This is obviously not all of SEGA’s 2011 line up. But this is the line up they have confirmed to us so far, so this is what we are writing up on. Enjoy.


6 responses to “Looking forward: Good and bad SEGA games in 2011

  1. fernandeath says:

    I agree with your predictions. I wish all those games 'deliver' but, unfortunatelly, SEGA will release a few bombs next year…

  2. Truesonic says:

    Thor looks terrible, Captain America looks better but that isn't saying much. Monkey Ball COULD be good if they tried something new. Heck even changing the art style from the Banana Blitz style would be a positive at this point. Oh and the removal of those red rails would be a big plus since it removes half the challenge.

  3. SOUP says:

    I'm a bit more optimistic about Conduit 2, but agree on the rest for the most part

  4. -nSega54- says:

    Regarding Monkey Ball, it continues to represent what I feel is Sega's inability to manage their franchises properly. Sega has an arsenal of classic IP that people are dying for sequels to and that can all bring something entirely new to the table. Sega's problem is that they ignore some of their IP entirely and they proceed to run others into the ground.

  5. Sega Uranus says:

    I am actually expecting Conduit 2 to be pretty good. On the other side of the coin, I am really not expecting much from Virtua Tennis 4, what can it really bring to the table that all of the other releases have not? I heard the Move controls were not even that good either.

    Super Monkey Ball 3D I am not expecting much from already based on it's level design. Captain America could be good, I would like to see a good game about him for sure, the character definately deserves it.

    Rise of Nightmares is a complete wild card. I have no idea what to expect with this, but I think Kinect gives a lot of opportunities to the horror genre, hilarious results from the player being so scared they fall or something could really make it a classic experience. Hope it can bring SEGA back to the genre.

  6. Sharky says:

    Swap the predictions of Rise of Nightmares and Monkey Ball.

    Monkey Ball I think will be the best in the series since Delux. Graphics might not be perfect but I think more care will be put into the level designs then previous games.

    Just as important they have finally gone and taken the mini games seriously again… Instead of having 60 odd tech demos we have 2 fleashed out real games.

    Although I'm very sad they left out Monkey Target! Had it been Monkey Race, Monkey Fight and Monkey Target I'd be set!

    While Rise of Nightmares… Sega SHOULDN'T do horror imo.

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