New Conduit 2 trailer shows off international environments

Well clearly this guy’s been racking up the air miles….The new Conduit 2 trailer showcases many of the environments you’ll get to visit in SEGA/High Voltage Software’s upcoming Wii shooter. Locations range from the Bermuda Triangle (!) to Siberia, and from a city in the Amazon rainforest to the Southwest United States. And let’s not forget England and China.

I’m finding it hard to tell if all of these locations are from the single player campaign, or if we’re also getting a glimpse at the game’s multiplayer maps, since this trailer’s as frustratingly vague as the past few have been.

Conduit 2 releases exclusively for the Wii on April 19th in North America; Australian and European dates are the 21st and the 22nd, respectively.

[Source: IGN]


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  1. Essay says:

    I'm actually forgoing this particular trailer.  I want to be surprised by some of the locals in the game.  I am happy to see that HVS is spreading the field…er, Earth, and is having the game take place in so many varied locations.  Interesting choice that you can choose which location you go to, and that it won't be a linear progression (I don't think).  I don't know if I'm totally on-board with that one idea, but I'll see how it plays out.

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