IGN presents Yakuza 4: Fact or Fiction?

IGN has today released a feature entitled Yakuza 4: Fact or Fiction, where author Jake Adelstein and editor Daemon Hatfield sit down to discuss Yakuza 4. Jake has lived in Japan as a reporter covering the crime scene, and here he uses his knowledge to discuss the Yakuza and Yakuza 4’s relation to reality.

This is just a fun feature, nothing to get upset about, Yakuza fans. In fact it’s a genuinely interesting look at the Yakuza, how accurate the game’s hostess bars are, the possibility of the ramen shop scene being based on a real-life incident, and more. An interesting feature worth a look for fans of the Yakuza games.


7 responses to “IGN presents Yakuza 4: Fact or Fiction?

  1. George says:

    Yakuza 4 is a video game… really? Do you really think there is a underground fighting tournament to the death? Do you really think there are fights like that on the street all the time?

  2. -nSega54- says:

    but….the feature had nothing to do with any of that stuff. The only thing kinda ridiculous was them talking about the street battles.

    But yeah this feature wasn't dissing the game in any way, lol. That's why I sorta threw in that disclaimer. ;]

  3. George says:

    I know they haven't just saying, its a game after all. That is all.

  4. SOUP says:

    An interesting video for sure.

  5. Any extra free publicity for Yakuza 4 is great.

  6. matty says:

    Interesting as hell. Jake should be a coordinator in the next game.

    He was also involved with National Geographic where they were doing a special on Yakuza. Long story short, National Geographic dropped the ball on pleasing (and protecting) the Yakuza.

    On a semi-related not, hostess clubs and history games were not the only things cut from Yakuza 3. Maybe you guys knew this but there was a part of the game where Kiryu went to an English language school, got screwed, and laid the smack down on some poo yoos.

    You can read about it from Aselstein's own site:

    This dude is awesome! I'm now inspired to beat up my teachers! ( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`)

  7. cube_b3 says:

    So Yakuza are basically extortionists?

    The only criminal activity that their code permits them to do is Black Mail?

    I don't think there is a single character in the Yakuza-Universe that depicts that.

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