Guardian Heroes Trailer!

Rejoice! A true classic is set to return this summer on XBLA! Yep, it’s Guardian Heroes and it’s looking better than ever with the new ‘HD’ filter, new game play modes, online multiplayer, revised VS. mode and more.

If you prefer to play the game how it was on the Saturn with original chunky sprites, enabling ‘Saturn mode’ will allow you to do so!


3 responses to “Guardian Heroes Trailer!

  1. VyseLegend says:

    Oh man look at that horrible 2x sai filter, ::commits seppuku::.

    Nah just kidding. Looks good. Does this mean the game is coming out sooner than we think?

  2. There is no emoticon to express the joy that I feel while watching that.

  3. STORM! says:

    The filters looks very good!! The best is that the game does not looks aged; it looks very fresh and fun, like most of Sega/Treasure games!

    I’m waiting for the PSN version ;p

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