Phantasy Star Online 2 Concept Movie

A new PSO2 trailer! It shows a lot of stuff! You can see how crazy the character creation is, see the new fancy lobbies, you can see the awesome new battle system, and a whole lot of other stuff I didn’t mention, such as 12 person parties! Enjoy!


11 responses to “Phantasy Star Online 2 Concept Movie

  1. anonymous says:

    at 1:50 lol. Why?

  2. Suzuki Yu says:

    character customization is indeed the highlight of this trailer … i love it

  3. Kwami says:

    I hope this game gets a console release since there is no way my laptop can run this.

  4. I am afraid that with the World of Warcraft style layout of the skills across the bottom of the screen, PSO2 is built for a mouse and keyboard, and is going to stay PC only, or even worse, Japan PC only.

    • ShadiNeko says:

      Those are just shortcut keys, PSOBB had those too.

      The three main action buttons are in the middle, those could easily be mapped to a controller.
      but yeah.. worst case scenario would be PC Japan Only xD

      I need to build a new PC once this game is announced for the west

    • PSO BB was PC only as well. I would run it on my Mac Mini, I think. It's probably quite a while we have to decide.

    • ShadiNeko says:

      PSO2 won't run on a mac mini. lol xP i wish it would, i want to get one. but I mean the processor in the latest one would work great, but not the GPU.

    • Hmm… I have a Macbook Pro at work, but I would hate to use that. I guess I'll keep hoping for a console release. My Mac Mini is the aluminum one with the optical drive.

    • Team Andromeda says:

      Both the 360 and the PS3 have chat pads , which you can connect to the pad, or consoles. Both can also accept a USB keyboards, so it shouldn't be an issue. Given that PSO main market is Japan (not known for its PC userbase), it would be madness for SEGA not to bring it to the consoles

    • That may be, but I think we should have heard what all of the platforms are by now. It seems like this is it.

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