7th Dragon 2020 – Theme Song Featuring Hatsune Miku

Here is the theme song to the next game in the 7th Dragon series, directed by the first lady of RPGs Rieko Kodama (Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia) The game will feature Hatsune Miku as one of the characters and she also sings the theme song ‘SeventH-Heaven’ by sasakure.UK

Most interesting for me at least is that the video shows clips of the game play, which looks quite cool, check it out!


One response to “7th Dragon 2020 – Theme Song Featuring Hatsune Miku

  1. STORM! says:

    Nice way to promotes the game, but Miku is dominating Sega and their best team ever, Sega-AM2…

    I like the music, but hate the fact it is not Yuzo Koshiro composing. He has made one of my favorites OP theme ever that you can hear in [namco X Capcom].

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