Udon releases Valkyria Chronicles Art Book

I think any gamer who has played or seen Valkyria will attest to the fact that the games unique water colors art style was one of the main draws for the game. I first remember when I saw screen shots of the game I was baffled as to whether they wear concept arts or in game screen shots it wasn’t until I saw the game in motion till I realised this was actually in game.

Anyway SEGA released an Art Book showcasing the beautiful art of the game with the developers and artistis discussing as well. Additionally the art book shows art that didn’t make it in the game such as the swim suit costume for Silveria (cause no art book is complete without objectifying the characters).

So this art book was released a few years back in Japan but Udon has just released a translated copy.

Check out some of the pages from the book at Kotaku.


2 responses to “Udon releases Valkyria Chronicles Art Book

  1. SEGA MAN says:

    Really excited about this. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon last year and after numerous delays it should be arriving in the mail soon.

  2. segaismysavior says:

    I was thrilled to see this coming out last year, but now that it’s finally out, I’m not able to buy it. 🙁

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