Toys R Us: Sonic Generations for under $40, no excuses

The boys at Toys R Us have Sonic Generations for pre-order, for the low price of $37.49. That is pretty damn cheap. The issue here is that its not available in stores and is only online. But they ship your item for free.

Another issue is that the Casino Night pinball stage is exclusive to Gamestop pre-orders. That means that you will most likely have to wait for that DLC to hit PSN/XBLA for a price. But if you don’t care, this is an excellent price.

Xbox 360 Playstation 3

[Via: TSSZNews]


4 responses to “Toys R Us: Sonic Generations for under $40, no excuses

  1. Neko says:

    Damn… Now I hope Amazon decides to drop their price. lol

    Glad i didn’t pre-order at gamestop yet, but ill pre-order here just in case, if it doesnt charge until it ships out *reads TOS*

  2. Neko says:

    Arghhh nvm.

    with decent 3 day shipping i might as well go pick it up at gamestop on day 1 and pay 3 dollars more xD

    I’ll definitely get it on amazon if they lower their price to compete though. I got good shipping options through them at the moment =)

  3. DCGX says:

    I just preordered this from Gamestop yesterday. Though with a $25 giftcard, the four HDMI cables I traded in, and tax I only spent $8. So I guess that’s a better deal 🙂

  4. segaismysavior says:

    Sold! The last Sonic game I bought was Secret Rings, so I’m due for the new.

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