SEGA Model 3 arcade emulator gets updated

Supermodel3 is a SEGA Model 3 arcade emulator, the guys behind the code have released ver. 0.2a. It actually came out on November 24th, but I’m bad at checking up for this stuff, sorry if its a bit late.

The new update is pretty large for the emulator, here are a few of the big changes:

  • Audio, both SCSP sound and MPEG board music
  • New input system supporting any combination of keyboards, mice, and game controllers
  • Force feedback for a few games (requires new drive board ROMs that first appear in MAME 0.143u6)
Head over to their site to download the emulator and toy around with it. Also send them a nice thank you e-mail for working on wonderful projects like this for free.

[Thanks: Eric!] 



One response to “SEGA Model 3 arcade emulator gets updated

  1. segaismysavior says:

    Sweeeeeeet. I’ll try some Daytona 2 later tonight.

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