Dualshockers post an open letter to SEGA: “If You can’t publish It, license it.”

If you have heard our podcasts before, I have complained that SEGA has left some gems over in Japan, sometimes we understand there isn’t a market to meet their expectations.  But why should we, the fans miss out when they can license the IP to a smaller publisher like Atlus or NIS America?

Not only do these smaller publishers know how to push titles to the fans, they also release some nice special edition that gets us all hot and heavy. Remember the  Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love special edition on PS2? Not only that, NIS America ported it to Wii for America.

You can read their open letter over at Dualshockers.


4 responses to “Dualshockers post an open letter to SEGA: “If You can’t publish It, license it.”

  1. Skateboard says:

    I want a western release of Valkyria Chronicles 3 (and many, many more sequels) so bad! SEGA DO IT!!!

  2. CrazyTails says:

    DO IT!!!!!

    I actually wanna try out that 7th dragon game too. If not only for the fact yuzo koshiro does the music 8)

  3. Aki-at says:

    Its not just a case of SEGA licensing it out, it is also a major case of is there anyone interested in licensing a product at a fee SEGA decides to set.

    Though doubt marketing would not greatly change Valkyria Chronicles II fate and the popularity of the series is not as big as it seems (To refer to the article)

    Would love to play Kenzan in English, but they had pretty big voice actor behind it, wonder if they had an agreement for international use of their voices?

  4. matty says:

    ^That’s a good point, Aki-man. The cost of licensing, I’d imagine, is the big hurdle in the first place. Wasn’t that the case of Marvel Vs Capcom 3? “The rent is too damn high!” echos in my mind.

    It seems, though, that scares the publishers is the PSP itself. Not being a decent seller these days is one reason, but (and I hope no one thinks I throw this out lightly) piracy is still a thing strongly associated with it.

    Still, small publishers that release even nicher titles like XSeed is doing with the game Corpse Party (coming later this Fall!) still manage to stay in business, I guess, because they know the market better. Which is why…

    ::ties bandanna around head::

    It’s time… To take back what’s ours. Let’s do this shit.

    Bystander: But, who are you…?

    I’m… alive. ::slices off head::

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