Yakuza Dead Souls Trailer: Who’s got your back?

Believe it or not Segabits readers, March will be upon us soon enough, and for SEGA fans in the West, the month of March has become synonymous with the arrival of new Yakuza titles. This year will see the release of Yakuza: Dead Souls, the zombie shooting spinoff with several series favorites banding together to gun down zombies in Tokyo. This new trailer features a pretty cool soundtrack and some zombie-shooting badassery.

Does this actually look promising? I still can’t make up my mind personally, but there’s always something fun about the release of a new Yakuza game. Yakuza Dead Souls will release March 2012, and SEGA seems to be doing their usual pre-order partnership with Gamestop, this time for some additional hostess outfits, guns, and items.


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