Tails getting his own collectible statue

If you saw the title and got a bit excited, you are probably a Tails fan. Hi, how are you doing? Good? Great. First things first, who is making the figure? First 4 Figures, they are known for doing other Sonic collectible statues. How much is it going to cost? A cool $199.99. Expensive yes, but it is 12 inches and only limited to 500 units. Did I mention it has two fully spinning tails and a mushrooms that pulse with light?

Its damn impressive, hit the jump to see a ton of pictures of the statue in action.


3 responses to “Tails getting his own collectible statue

  1. CrazyTails says:

    This is one of the most amazing sonic franchise statues I have ever seen.

    I am not a merchandise kind of guy but I may actually get this.

    Classic tails huh? I sort of question why they didn’t go for modern? I am happy that it’s classic but it just seems weird with generations being done and s4e2 going modern again.
    Stop teasing us so much SEGA!!

    • The modern line kicks off next with modern Sonic. They’ll probably also do modern Tails, Knux and Shadow eventually.

      The price of these has really inflated. The first Sonic one retailed for $99, now the price has doubled. 😛

    • TenkoTAiLS says:

      You will probably find that the $199 price tag is for the “exclusive” version, that has the glowing mushrooms etc. There is a normal version without the light show for $179.

      Not much cheaper and a lot more expensive than the original Classic Sonic statue, i agree. But at least there is a choice for those wanting to save a little. But with a $30 difference why not go the whole hog…or erm…fox?

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