New Shining Blade Screens and Artwork

Here are some of the latest screens and artwork for Shining Blade. The latest upcoming game in the Shining franchise. If you are a old school fan of the franchise, you might want to skip this. Seeing by the screens its full of wimpy looking boys and anime girls with huge boobs. But who doesn’t like boobs, right?


One response to “New Shining Blade Screens and Artwork

  1. Sharky says:

    Woah sir!

    Don’t be so quick to write this one off!
    Sure it has that terrible douchebag ‘Tony Taka’ doing his terribly generic anime art.

    But if you look beyond that it has quite a lot of good going on. It’s an SRPG for a start, I see towns, I see characters to interact with, I see a FORCE of some desctiption and I see SOME, some non-human characters here and there.
    It’s based on the Valkryia Chonicles engine too which can only be a good thing.

    It might not be perfect but it’s a damn sight better then some of the other recent Shining games.

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