Binary Domain coming to PC on April 27th

The release date for the digital version of Binary Domain has gotten a release date. You can download yourself a copy of the game on April 27th, aka in 10 days. SEGA has confirmed there are pre-order bonuses for both digital and boxed versions of the game, meaning there will be a retail version of the PC game. One of the pre-order bonuses is the ‘Dan Marshall Pack’ which gives the lead character more bionic upgrades and weapons. There is also the ‘Multiplayer Pack’ that adds Ninja as a playable class in multiplayer.

So who is going to pick this game up?


3 responses to “Binary Domain coming to PC on April 27th

  1. ezodagrom says:

    I pre-ordered it as soon as it appeared on Steam, glad that it’s coming on April 27, one day before the PSO2 closed beta ends, so I’ll be able to play it all I want as soon as the beta ends. :>

  2. adam says:

    I am in a perfect position to buy this game. I haven’t gotten it on console, I love the steam platform, and I think this game looks really awesome. HOWEVER, IF SEGA DOESN’T POST A GAMEPLAY VIDEO ON THE STEAM PAGE, I WILL NEVAR BAI A SEGA GAYM AGEN!

  3. CrazyTails says:

    oh that’s still a long way to go. Well I pre-ordered it as well so im ready!

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