SEGA to open a ride based on “The Ring” horror franchise

If you didn’t watch the American adaptation of the horror movies known as the Ring franchise (sequels had different names etc), then you probably don’t know that it’s about people finding a tape, watching it, then dying. VCR no less. A ghost haunts those that watch the tape, and throughout the movie you find out more and more about the girl ghost. Even though the franchise is dead in the States, it isn’t in Japan. They are getting set to release Sadako 3D and SEGA is ready to team up to create a ride.

SEGA’s ride will be based on the upcoming film and be called Sadako 3D: Cursed Tour. It is set to open on July 14th. It is rumored that there is a video of someone who commits suicide and that viewers will ‘follow the leader’ if they watch the tape. A bit morbid if you ask me, especially knowing that Japan has such high suicide rates. SEGA says that Sadako 3D: Cursed Tour is going to be a seven-minute test of courage. You want to experince the morbid ride? You will have to go to SEGA’s Joypolis in Japan.


2 responses to “SEGA to open a ride based on “The Ring” horror franchise

  1. CosmicCastaway says:

    Sounds fantastic. The Ring is one of my favorite horror films and it’s awesome that SEGA gets to do an adaption like this.

  2. Lisa says:

    If you didn’t watch the American adaptation, good for you, because it was the most boring “horror” movie ever. The Japanese ones are pretty freaking creeptastic though! Personally I think The Grudge is scarier, but I actually think the American adaptation is better.

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