Fan translation for Valkyria Chronicles III underway

Right now a few hardcore Valkyria Chronicles fans are translating the 3rd entry of the franchise, Valkyria Chronicles III. The game was released last year in Japan on PSP and since the PSP is basically dead outside of Japan, we can stop hoping for SEGA to bring it over. But don’t fear, seems that the translation is going good.The team is working on a patch for the regular edition and also the Extra Edition.

Apparently lots of the main text has already been translated and the placing of the text on screen has been tested. The main issue right now is the character limits on the main menus. So how will it work? How can you patch the game? Sadly you will need to have custom firmware installed on your PSP. If you want to keep your PSP legit, you might want to hold off on hacking it since the team is working on a softmod that will only require a special firmware installed on your memory card.

If you want to check out updates on the project, head over to their official blog.



3 responses to “Fan translation for Valkyria Chronicles III underway

  1. Valentino says:

    If there is fans out there with a strong enough determination to translate Valkyrie Chronicles, then why doesn’t anybody else try to translate Segagaga, seeing as Deltahead have been on it for years and still don’t seem to have done it, nor are they keeping us regularly updated on it.
    What about all these other great games that can be translated, I suppose you have to be a big enough fan of it then.

  2. Lenticular Leo says:

    Well I have to say speaking on Sega’s inability to market this West, it’s hardly surprising people want to put their own efforts into it, as Sega just aren’t able again, whether by poor marketing ability which results in poor sales, or they just don’t see it as a worthwhile investment for now, who knows.

    But if companies like Ubisoft can do well like they have, how on earth can’t Sega?
    I mean Ubisoft even have their own digital platform and store and everything, proving you don’t need to be EA with their ‘Origin’ digital platform.

    Not to forget, that Sega don’t really have any big name Western franchises aside from Football Manager and Videogaming has became more Western in recent years, why can’t Sega do something like the excellent Assassin’s Creed 3 – excellent game btw. Or Far Cry 3 which would do very well in the West – both of these are Ubisoft’s works alone.
    You’d think a major player and platform holder like Sega would be able to do these, or former platform holder rather, seeing as they have unfortunately declined in power in this industry.
    Sigh, well probably too much to ask from Sega, least for now any way it seems.

  3. Kori-Maru says:

    That’s fantastic! I heard that any other person is trying to translate Sakura Wars 1 on the PC but unfortunately they stop updating too. I just beat all 4 games and they we’re by far the best SRPG games I have ever played.

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