Check out the new Initial D Stage 7AAX trailer and gameplay videos

Here is a new trailer for SEGA’s long running D Stage arcade game. There has only been one of these arcade titles that have made it to current generation systems and that title only came out in Japan. So don’t expect to play this outside of arcades (which might be Japan only as well). Though, if you like teasing yourself, hit the jump for gameplay.


3 responses to “Check out the new Initial D Stage 7AAX trailer and gameplay videos

  1. I gave up after 4th stage. I just didn’t care to keep getting new cards. Plus, the only places that get this game in my town are super smokey. I can’t stay in there more than 10 minutes at a time. Ick!

    But they are fun games. They used to be pretty popular till the Midnight Wangan series.

  2. Centrale says:

    I was kind of surprised to see an Initial D twin-cabinet at a local pizzeria a couple weeks ago. I didn’t notice which one it was, but it still had Japanese text onscreen at times.

    I think the gameplay looks good. But the way the Initial D characters are drawn in the manga has always looked not so good to me.

  3. celsowm says:

    Ruffian’s canned Streets of Rage remake outed by gameplay video:

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