Did you know the Gamecube version of F-Zero GX contains the full arcade release?

First lets talk about why F-Zero GX news is posted on a SEGA blog, if you didn’t already know the game was developed by Amusement Vision (SEGA AM4) the guys that did games like Super Monkey Ball and later Yakuza series. Did you also know that F-Zero GX used the Super Monkey Ball engine?

F-Zero AX is the name of the arcade version of the game, which was developed along side F-Zero GX for GameCube.  Well, it happens that the full arcade version was hidden away on the Gamecube disc of F-Zero GX and if you have an Action Reply or Gameshark, you could online the game. You have to check out the Retro Collection lists of codes, that will get you started. Though as pointed out by some YouTube comments, there are subtle differences from the arcade version. Probably never completed and was scrapped as an unlockable?


8 responses to “Did you know the Gamecube version of F-Zero GX contains the full arcade release?

  1. inthesky says:

    Saw this a while ago. By the way, this is the best F-Zero game ever and probably my favorite racing game ever. A shame we haven’t had a sequel that’s lived up to the bar F-Zero GX set.

    Good job Sega/Amusement Vision. Thanks for ignoring F-Zero Ninty

  2. Ungibbed says:

    I love this game with a passion. What really does bother me is that this GameCube game looks better than a majority of titles that were on the Wii. One of many examples really of how much effort was put into many GameCube games in visuals and the reason why most dedicated Wii games barely looked any better (if at all).

    Bought F-Zero GX on the day of its release and still play it today on the Wii. I still enjoy the system despite the hate for Nintendo here but without it, how else could I get my Genesis fix via the Virtual Console.

    It’s emulation is perfect on the Genesis games and my other favorites from the 16 bit era and others

  3. Ben says:

    F-Zero GX created a stunning world and remains one of the coolest-looking racers ever made, in my opinion anyway.

  4. DCGX says:

    Better grab a Gameshark or Action Replay before their value skyrockets.

  5. Kevin H says:

    I loved this game. I decided to sell it a couple of years ago and regret it! So cool to see the Arcade ver hidden. Nintendo ought to hire Sega again to make another F-Zero for Wii U. Heck, I dont even care if Nintendo out sources to get Star Fox on Wii U!

  6. rafael_miolow says:

    It was always possible, and WITHOUT the gameshark. You need to unlock EVERYTHING in the game, the AX cup appears eventually. Nobody knew it because it is HARD AS HELL.

    At the time I unlocked it without knowing it was there, my head exploded and this became one of my favourite games of all time.

  7. betablocker says:

    I would like to see Nagoshi/AV make another racing game. It has been a while since SOJ produced a new racing game for consoles.

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