UDON to Release Art Book for Japan-Only Border Break Series in the States


Ever heard of Border Break? If you’ve kept up with SEGA’s arcade games, you’ll know its a multiplayer class based shooter centered around mechas and online play. We may not be seeing a release of the game outside of Japan anytime soon, but thats not stopping UDON Entertainment which has announced during San Diego Comic Con on Friday that they’re releasing an artbook stateside based on the entire series as part of their recently acquired licenses including Ys, Devil May Cry, and more. The last time UDON brought over an artbook for a Japan-only SEGA title was for Valkyria Chronicles 3, which had already been established outside of Japan.

No release date has been given yet outside of these titles to be released within the next year, however the company has provided a tentative cover for the artbook. It could also provide an incentive for SEGA to release a new version of the game on consoles. An arcade game focused on online multiplayer doesn’t sound too crazy, but with today’s flagging arcade market, it probably wouldn’t work.



3 responses to “UDON to Release Art Book for Japan-Only Border Break Series in the States

  1. Joel says:

    IGN says it best.

    “A Japanese company publishing games made by Western studios for Western markets is always going to struggle against local competitors. Sega needs to get back to making amazing games with amazing Japanese developers. “

    • Centrale says:

      Maybe so, but every major Japanese publisher is doing the same thing. Sega has actually become quite successful at this with their moves in the RTS market.

  2. Trippled says:

    I like these

    As a Sega fan, it’s good to see some in-house developers getting to speak again. Outside of Nagoshi they seem pretty much invicible

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