Update: Sonic Dancing (dirty?) at Sonic Boom

Warning: the first 25 seconds are so is NSFW.

Here is a video from Sonic Boom. The music at first is quite funny. Then when SEGA realizes what’s being played it’s quickly switched, but it’s an awesome video either way. Apparently the video has been getting taken down with DMCA claims, could be SEGA or the licensed music thats being played, so watch it while you can!

Also, I don’t know the names of the songs being played, but if anyone would tell me in the comments that would be great!

Update: here is a perspective from inside the crowd, seems the first song was going on longer then 30 seconds 🙂 heheh.. Sonic also has some mad moves in this video


5 responses to “Update: Sonic Dancing (dirty?) at Sonic Boom

  1. SlothMachines says:

    It’s funny how the song was changed to Dee Lite, who’s lead singer tried to sue Sega (but ultimately lost and ended up costing her over $500,000) because of her claimed likeness was used for Ulala.

  2. The first song is by Nelly called Airforce ones. I don’t remember the name of the 2nd or third songs.

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