Phantasy Star I & II remakes hit PS2 classics on Japanese PSN


[Above is a fan translated Phantasy Star Generations I]

The remakes of Phantasy Star I & II, titled Phantasy Star Generations I & II have made their way to the PS2 classics on the Japanese PSN store. The games are available to download only on Playstation 3. Both games are retailing on PSN for 864 yen ($8.60).

These remakes appeared under the SEGA Ages banner for the Playstation 2 and sadly neither of these releases made it West, so don’t hold your breath on them releasing on PSN anytime soon.

If you still want to try these games the guys over at PSCave have translated Phantasy Star Generations I and are working on the second one. So you can always try that.


3 responses to “Phantasy Star I & II remakes hit PS2 classics on Japanese PSN

  1. RegalSin says:

    I remember this. It was for the PS2 but was never brought over here. Yeah SEGA ( as well as everybody ) pulling for a quick buck. I prefer the translation if any. Also the original PS series is far better off on their original systems.

    Seriously you have to play PS on an real Master system even if you do not read Japanese etc etc. It shows how auwsome a game like “Mother/Earthbound” could have looked.

    NES etc coloring + the 16-bit horse power and FM ( or no FM sound ) of the MarkIII is something to behold. I was going insane awhile back for such games.

    Eitherway as FF7 person said. Without the comics/manga our RPGs are useless.

    I miss those bright intense colors. Ohhh the bright colors and limited sets

  2. Trippled says:

    Source: NeoGAF?

    c’mon George, as a Sega Fan, you could just open every once in a while for their latest stuff

  3. George says:

    I post the source where I saw it first and it happen to be NeoGAF, no need to hate.

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