My Life with SEGA riddles his way through Batman Forever for Genesis/Mega Drive

Batman Forever (1995) is often viewed as being one and the same with Schumacher’s second go with the dynamic duo, Batman & Robin (1997), but I feel this is unfair. Batman Forever retains a heartfelt core and dark edge, though it’s all masked with neon, subpar computer generated graphics and nipples. Still, it led to Batman & Robin. Sad face.

Batman Forever, like its prequels, was given a whole slew of merchandise to wrap their capes around, including video games! Enter Batman Forever for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. By this point, SEGA fans had already experienced Batman: The Video Game and Batman Returns on Genesis and SEGA CD. Neither game reinvented the genre, but they were reasonably solid and largely enjoyable. How does Batman Forever stack up?

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