These SEGA Classic Arcade LEGO sets need your support to become reality

Above is a proposed LEGO Idea by creator SpacySmoke and if you want these to become reality you have to support the idea (which means creating an account at LEGO website). The project has about a year left to get 10,000 SEGA fans to support it and right now its hovering a little over 600 people supporting this awesome idea.

The set that is being proposed comes with a Space Harrier, Out Run and Thunder Blade LEGO arcade replicas. But that isn’t all, it also comes with a male, female and Yu Suzuki themed LEGO persons.

Want to support it? Click here. Want to see more information including screenshots, hit the jump.

Sega Classic Arcade Machines

A Set Proposal for Lego Ideas

Build miniature representations of classic Sega arcade games out of Lego bricks! These minifigure-scaled replicas will look good displayed on your desk at work or home and are perfect for use in your Lego City! The three included minifigures look great at the controls of these detailed builds.

This project needs 10,000 supporters in order for The Lego Group to evaluate it and decide to make it into a real set or not. For more information, click on the “How It Works” menu item at the top of the page.

If you decide to support this project – Thanks! Please also share it with friends and family. You can do this easily by sharing it on Facebook and Google+, or by tweeting about it on Twitter using the links under the Support and Follow buttons.


The Machines:

  • Space Harrier (スペースハリア) – Released in 1985 and designed by Yu Suzuki, this was one of the first Sega games using their “Super Scaler” technology, allowing for ultra fast and smooth sprite scaling to create a 3D effect. This model is based on the deluxe arcade cabinet which could move according to the joystick input. This Lego model can move left and right, up and down, and can also tilt!
  • Out Run (アウト ラン) – Released in 1986 and also designed by Yu Suzuki, this landmark racing game allows you to choose a course from branching paths, making each game a new experience. It is also one of the first games that allowed you choose what music track you wanted to listen to. This model is based on the deluxe arcade cabinet which could move according to the steering wheel input. This Lego model can move left and right.
  • Thunder Blade (サンダーブレード) – Released in 1987, this game puts you in the cockpit of a futuristic helicopter and featured both 3D and overhead shooting views. This model is based on the deluxe arcade cabinet which had a seat that rotated according to the joystick input. This Lego model’s seat can also rotate.
  • All models feature interesting building techniques, detailed stickers/prints, multiple screen tiles/bricks to show different scenes from each game, and are scaled to Lego minifigures as best as humanly possible!


The Minifigures:

  • Yu Suzuki (鈴木 裕) – Legendary Sega game designer responsible for classic hits such as Space Harrier, Out Run, Hang On, and After Burner. Also responsible for the Virtua Fighter series and fan-favorite, Shenmue.
  • Female Sega Fan – A female Sega fan wearing a white Sega t-shirt.
  • Male Sega Fan – A male Sega fan wearing a black Sega t-shirt.


Other Possibilities:

  • I originally intended to build the Hang-On and After Burnerdeluxe cabinets as well, but they were proving difficult. I would like to see the Lego designers take a stab at including those as well if this projects reaches full support. If I am able to build something I’m happy with, I’ll post it in an update.
  • I was thinking it’d be cool to include a Ryo Hazuki minifigure. Ryo Hazuki is the main character from the Shenmue videogame series which is set in the 80’s. Many of these video games appear in the game and are playable. A Ryo Hazuki minifig would be flesh colored.


Possible Roadblocks:

  • Licensing – Sega would need to approve the set and both parties would have to agree to a licensing arrangement for these IPs. However, since they are all owned by Sega and are quite old, I don’t foresee it being a problem. These titles are usually together in game collections/anthologies.
  • Brand Fit – Proposed projects must mesh well with the Lego brand. The only possible issue I see here is maybe Thunder Blade; it could be seen as a modern war game even though it was meant to be a futuristic, fictional scenario. However, the visuals of the game are unrealistic by today’s standards, and since you can’t actually play the game via a Lego model, buyers will not be able to see the game content beyond the printed screenshots. The models themselves, being arcade machines, should mesh well with the Lego brand.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why are the minifigs yellow? Typically, licensed sets have flesh-toned minifigs. However, that is usually because the minifigs are licensed characters. This set does not have licensed character minifigs. I wanted the models and the minifigs to fit well with anyone’s Lego City, so yellow was the way to go. Regarding the Yu Suzuki minifig, yes, it is based on a real person, but set #21101 (the Hayabusa) also includes a yellow minifig based on a real person.
  • Do you have instructions? No, I currently do not have instructions for these models. If I ever make them I will post a link in an update.
  • Do you have other projects? YES! Please check out my Food Truck here: You can also click on my username under the “Created by” section of this webpage to my projects. If you’d like to check out my other Lego builds, check out my Flickrphotostream:

Thanks for viewing this project! As a longtime Sega and Lego fan, this would be a dream come true to see this produced as a real set!


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