SEGA puts out survey about Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade home port

Project Diva Arcade

From today to April 24th, Project Diva Arcade players can take part in a survey about on which platforms they’d like to see the game ported to. People can choose which platform they’d like to see the game the most and second most on. According to Gematsu, the options are PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, smartphone, and “non applicable”. There’s also a question asking fans which elements they’d like to see added in potential future models.

If you want to take part in this survey, unless you live in Japan you’re likely not going to have a chance to. As NeoGAF member Articalys pointed out, the only way to get access to the survey is by getting a Project Diva Arcade account ID. And the only way to get one of those is by playing the arcade game. But even if we can’t take part of it, it’s nice to know that we’ll likely see the game get ported to consoles or PC.

Which platforms would you like to see the game be ported to?


11 responses to “SEGA puts out survey about Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade home port

  1. Senjav says:

    X1 (Xbox One) most, Sega is missing a big portion of the western market by holding back it’s japanese in-house IP, the X1 is the most western console of them all and has strongest support in the far west, if they’d bring this, the Yakuza and Phantasy Star series to the X1 and XBLA platform, they’d get more exposure as these type of games are hardly represented on the X1 and people who buy these games in the west are attracted to the cultural aspects of them, being Asian titles.

    • landman says:

      PS4 has sold twice as much Xbox One in the West, and anyone interested in this kind of Japanese games, I doubt they see the XBO as their platform of choice.

    • Senjav says:

      Are you sure? According to some recent sources, the X1 has been out selling the PS4, at current trends, the X1 is already going to likely take over, the most recent estimates were for the Christmas holidays, it was expected that the PS4 was going to be the biggest seller, but it ended up becoming the X1 surprisingly enough. Also, it’s not necessarily the level of units that either the X1 or PS4 are selling, but the type of gamers that are going for one system over the other, there’s hardly any Japanese content on the X1 compared to the PS4, giving a Japanese based company a possibly good opportunity to capitalize on this gap, more Japanese content is going to blend in on the PS4 which is filled with other Japanese content, but on the X1 it would stand out more. There has been some Japanese games that have done well on the Xbox before, it doesn’t get much though because the Xbox does shockingly bad in Japan (even SNK hardware was a challenge for it when the original first came out in Japan, as well as getting outsold by the Dreamcast), which affects the prospects of localised western released Japanese games overseas.

    • Saskue340 says:

      Dood it not coming to the xbox its a Japanese game, also no one in japan has a xbox and guess who gets to choose the consle, 3rd the arcade uses the ps symbols. U want Japanese games u choose the wrong consle look at al the Japanese games coming tio ps4 and look at the xbox. Its obious where the Japanese games are at

  2. Rune3691 says:

    I’ll say Wii U or PS4.

  3. Hitrax says:

    Xbox One doesn’t get much of this, good to see a change. If it doesn’t end up doing well then at least we’d know for sure. You never know, people were saying this franchise would do terrible in the west and they finally tried a PS3 port localised for the west and it ended up doing a lot better than expected.

  4. Randroid says:

    All wrong answers.

    The answer to “If a Sega game can only be released on one platform, what should that platform be?” is always PC.

    PC first, then if they can, any or all the other platforms. This should be the rule for all Sega games, period.

  5. Manny32 says:

    Project Diva Dreamy Theatre essentially was the PSP game running on the Arcade version’s engine with the arcade version’s 3D models, but it would be nice to see a true port of the Arcade game with all of the music and costumes and enhanced shaders, etc. Stand alone!

  6. Kolma says:

    PS4. More of the gamers that want this kinda of stuff in the west have a PS4.
    Also PS4 is region free in case it doesn’t come stateside.

    Wii U would be another good choice but… not region free.

    Xbox One… Doesn’t have the right demographic for these games.

  7. Bryce says:

    Steam release!!!! YES!!!!

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