Valkyria Chronicles fan releases ‘”Gallian Crossfire” PC rebalancing mod

A Valkyria Chronicles fan calling himself Busard decided to create a balancing mod for the game on PC. One of the best aspects about PC gaming is that the fanbase can modify PC games easily and make chances they see fit. It seems that Valkyria Chronicles has gotten quite the cult fanbase on Steam, with close to half a million owners, so its no surprised we would see fan support for the game.

Download Mod – Steam Guide

The patch tries to make the game more strategic, taking away easy strategies like rushing in and tries to add diversity to the gameplay. So how do you install it? What are the patch notes? Hit the jump!

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In the archive, you will find the following files:

My VC Mod – this is the mod itself, copy/paste all the files into your “Valkyria Chronicles” directory which should be located in “Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common“.
Reset Extra DLCs – Contains a file named “sysdata.dat” which you can copy into your savedata folder to reset the Extra DLCs to their “New” state (as if you never played “Behind her Blue Flame” and “Enter the Edy Detachment” DLCs); This is completely optional, however.
Files Backup – These are the original files, if you want to revert back to the original version of the game.
README – Please read.

Edited for English readers. This is not fully comprehensive to add to some element of newness for when you fire it up for the first time. 🙂



– A-Rank turn requirements have been changed accordingly due to the rebalance.
– Rewarded cash and experience bonuses have also been changed. Overall if you A rank and kill all enemies, 50% of the reward is from the base cash/exp bonus, 25% is from the mission rank, and 25% is from killing key targets.
– Edy Squad Skirmishes don’t give any EXP/DCT reward anymore to prevent early-game grinding exploits and the weapons earned have been heavily altered.
– Enemy stats have been increased so that their stats would be close to Squad 7 units at the same level. Before, enemies had pretty poor stats overall compared to Squad 7.
– Critical (headshot) damage multiplier has been reduced to x2 damage. It was originally x3.5 in VC1. As another example, it was x2.5 in VC2 & VC3.
– Damage reduction from evading has been reduced.
– Defense bonus from camps has been increased.
– Defense bonus from crawling is changed to be the same as crouching.

Infantry, Structures
– All infantry got an AP increase except for Scouts and Engineers.
– Alicia, Rosie and Largo are no longer leaders with an auto-assigned CP bonus. Also, you are no longer forced to deploy them on certain missions. The number of CPs you get per mission has been changed accordingly to make up for this.
– Musaad, Lynn, Audrey, Knute and Emile are no longer hidden characters and can be added to the squad like anyone else.
– Snipers and Anti-Tank Cannons can now fire interception rounds. Snipers have a small interception radius and turn more slowly than other units to face you when preparing to fire.
– Shocktroopers have a wider interception radius.
– Blast Armor (Lancer Armor) damage reduction to explosions has been reduced. Lancers can walk on a few mines, but can no longer clear a whole minefield by themselves.
– Certain enemy units had their vsArmor statistic increased to damage your tanks with their interception fire (For example the Marberry turrets).
– Enemy aces and bosses also have modified stats.
– Most enemies now use black armor, while aces retain their red armor; purely aesthetic to make it easy to know that the mod is active.

– Most weapon stats have been changed overall. As an example accuracy has been increased for most weapons to create less early-game frustration such as Lancers missing from point blank range.
– Enemy weapon stats have been changed dramatically across the board.
– Both Anti-Infantry and Anti-Tank mines do more damage.
-The R&D has been revamped for several weapons to get rid of useless skill trees. For example, Sniper Rifles now have the skill trees “Anti-Infantry”, “Anti-Tank”, “Interception”. Another example is with the Flamethrower skill trees being changed to “Anti-Infantry” and “Anti-Tank”.
– The “Aim” stat is now truer to the aiming reticle.
– Engineers get their own anti-tank grenades upgrades.
– Some rifles are Scout-only or Engineer-only now.

– Enemy tanks’ radiator resistance has been increased. Changed to be similar to VC2 and VC3 where killing a tank with a Scout is harder.
– Edelweiss last weapon upgrade also increases its power and not just its range.
– Tank parts have been changed to HP (body and tread), DEF (body and tread), Radiator, Accuracy and AP.
– Tank parts are smaller and give a higher bonus.

Orders & Potentials:
– Certain Potentials and Orders have been removed or changed. Example Orders: Caution, Penetration. Example Potentials: Resist Crossfire, Invincible, Phoenix, Double Movement. Some Potentials were changed into a trade-off (for example, “Double Movement” became the “Second Wind” Potential which restores your AP on top of your HP when you use your Ragnaid).
– Potential Effects and Activation Requirements were also changed overall. Example Potential: “Stealth” which increases Defense is completely useless when no one shoots at you so it was changed to give an Attack boost instead.
– Potentials have a higher activation rate, many closer to 100%. Before, there were many Potentials that no one ever saw get activated because of their low activation probabilities.
– Orders were altered overall in regards to effects and CP costs. For example, Defense Boost has been nerfed, and Aim Boost has been buffed.
– Orders unlock requirements have been changed completely. Leveling each class over time unlocks 3 Orders relevant to the class’s main stat (such as Evasions – Scouts, Accuracy – Snipers, Utility – Engineers, etc.)
-The old man at the graveyard can now give you any one of his 9 teachable Orders starting from chapter 4 unlike before where he would have a smaller pool of random orders that increased per chapter. Recon Request is still NG+ only.

Selvaria DLC:
– All imperials are now aces.
– All imperials are now leaders.
– All imperials have powerful weapons.
– All imperials have high stats.
– All Gallians shall die!


4 responses to “Valkyria Chronicles fan releases ‘”Gallian Crossfire” PC rebalancing mod

  1. Bum says:

    Looks like something masochists would enjoy. It’s impossible to have fun with VC by playing strategically after the first few missions, you just rush rush rush and spam orders because that’s the only approach that works reliably. Otherwise you get killed after the game decides to surprise you with a scripted event and have to sit through dialogue and play through the entire mission all over again.

    I quit on chapter 7 because the game thought it’d be fun to spawn a bunch of elites and an enemy that can kill any troop in 1 turn from anywhere on the map. It’s not like the mission took me an hour to get this far, of course I don’t mind doing it again from the beginning

    Overrated game

  2. What a misery, multi million dollar company should wait for fans to release fix. [Facepalm]

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