Stella Glow’s latest trailer introduces us to Witch Tuning

So Atlus USA has posted the following trailer showing off the gameplay mechanic knowing as Witch Tuning for their upcoming American 3DS JRPG published game Stella Glow (SEGA published it in Japan).

It seems that if your ‘tiny female’ characters except a man into their heart they can awake their inner Goddesses? At least that is what I got from the trailer and I’m not sure how that will fly over with the new sensitive generation of gamers. What are your thoughts?


2 responses to “Stella Glow’s latest trailer introduces us to Witch Tuning

  1. Tasteofink says:

    It’s so sad that imageepoch is going out of business they were one of my favorite developers any one ever play arc rise fantasia or the very great sega published sands of destruction I heard the company is going under because it tried to self publish a few games and it didn’t work… They shoulda called sega

  2. Defender says:

    Did you guys not watch the Japanese trailers showing off the different songs? Each one starts with the girl in the guy’s arms where they look deep into each others’ eyes. He then pulls her close and, sex dripping from his voice, he says her name as he takes out his tool. He then deftly maneuvers it up to, and with a swift motion, inside of her as she lets out an uncontrollable moan just as her inner goddess is unleashed!

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