Schtserv’s Phantasy Star Online private server officially offline

SchthackservAs we all know Phantasy Star Online has been disconnected offline years ago. The official servers are gone, but Schtserv’s private servers remained, allowing not only Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online gamers to play anyone around the world but also PC and Gamecube. I remember his site was forbidden to talk about on the official SEGA forums way back in the day, which doesn’t surprise me one bit.

From the FAQ posted on their Facebook page asking IF the servers are officially closed:

Yes & No. If you want another type of answer, who knows? Even we staff members don’t know, in the end it is up to Crono to make the call on if it’s going to return or not. However for now, YES the server is officially closed, unless another topic is made in the future.

The domain name is now going to a Hostgator splash page. If your looking for alternative Phantasy Star Blue Burst servers, you can always check Ultima and Ephinea. Did you ever play on Schtserv’s private servers?

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11 responses to “Schtserv’s Phantasy Star Online private server officially offline

  1. Djawed says:

    Twas fun while it lasted. End of an era

  2. AfroRyan says:

    Yes I did, and they were pretty awesome. Lots of custom content too. I played it a lot about 3 years ago.

  3. B3 says:

    DC emu has there own PSO server called Sylverant.

  4. Treamcaster says:

    Sylverant is the best private PSO server for the GC/ DC community.

    • Snowdrama says:

      Sylverant is the server I play on, and it’s awesome because you can play the GC version on Dolphin. There definitely aren’t as many people on there as Ultima though from what I have been able to tell.

  5. SonataNo8 says:

    “If your looking for alternative Phantasy Star Blue Burst servers…”


  6. cussypat says:

    Guys seems that valkyria chronicles remastered comes out plus a brand new valkyria. It is officially confirmed to come west

  7. cussypat says:

    More news. It has alsobeen confirmed that sega and sony are involved in shenmue 3. Its nice to have a sega logo on our shenmue 3 game. Grats 🙂

  8. Butt says:

    Even though I never really participated in the community itself much, my friends and I played it enough back when that I only really bothered to stop because I was around level 150 and had pretty much all the best equipment possible and tons of stuff for funsies. Oh well. I’ll miss not being able to go back there.

  9. Tymek says:


    Gamecube and Dreamcast players, you’re welcome.

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