Infinite Space getting a reprint by Canadian retailer

infinnite_space_esrbRemember that Nintendo DS game by Platinum Games called Infinite Space? No? I don’t blame you since not too many people picked it up. Now that Platinum Games has become more popular over the years, many fans have been trying to find a copy of the game but it is now considered rare. Don’t worry it seems that Canadian retailer VideoGamesPlus has ordered reprints of the following game titles:

These are considered the last Nintendo DS carts to be produced and all come brand new and sealed. Each game (except GTA) costs $49.99 CDN (39.46 USD) and according to the store page are ‘region free’. But even if they aren’t, American systems can play Canadian DS carts. The site is also running a free shipping promotion this month on all orders over $40 dollars!

[via: Tiny Cartridge]


3 responses to “Infinite Space getting a reprint by Canadian retailer

  1. MowMow789 says:

    It’s good to see new copies being made for old, rare games. Infinite Space and DQMJ are still quite cheap on Amazon UK but it would be nice if they bought DQRS to UK because I don’t think it was ever released here. It won’t happen but I can dream.

  2. fernandeath says:

    Good news but I’d prefer to see this game released in the 3DS eShop service

  3. Ellie says:

    Ho hold your horses, I own a copy of the game:) But I don’t have the manual that comes with it. I would still love to see that they are reprinting Dark Spire… by Atlus.

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