SEGA Network’s new teaser site shows world map and countdown

SEGARepairSEGA Network’s new teaser site is titled ‘Repair’, with a world map and a clock that counts backwards. At first, when Siliconera posted it the map only pin pointed on Florida but now it moved its point to somewhere in Europe. I want to say Italy or one of the small surrounding countries. Another clue is what happens when you click the red location dots, if you click on Florida it says 1492 AD which was the year of the European Discovery and Settlement of the State. But if you highlight the European red dot you get the year 0027 BC which would mark the end of the Roman Republic.

So what do I think it is? I think its going to a be SEGA Network’s new mobile game that will have to do with world history. Maybe something like Civilization series but on mobile.  At least if the years on the teaser page are anything to go by. SEGA Network’s new teaser site is set to stop its countdown clock on August 8, 2016.

What do you think it is?


One response to “SEGA Network’s new teaser site shows world map and countdown

  1. Deefy says:

    Yep, when I saw the teaser page on my own this morning I thought that the fact that one of the points highlighted were Italy or its surroundings, depended on the fact that I’m connected just by that country, that is from where I live, however, evidently the reasons are others.

    The supposition made in the article about the nature of the game I think it might be apt or at least logical.

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