Puyo Puyo Chronicle Debut Trailer Hits The Net

SEGA has officially released the first details, trailer and screenshots for Puyo Puyo Chronicle, a action puzzle RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. The trailer above is being dubbed the ‘game introduction trailer’ that shows off the game’s new 3D character models debuting exclusively on Puyo Puyo Chronicle.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle will set you off in a world of mysteries as you play as Allie and have Carbuncle as your companion. Expect a lot of quests, towns and dungeon explorations throughout the full game. Oh yeah, also puzzles.

To check out SEGA’s description of Puyo Puyo Chronicles and see more screenshots, hit the jump.

What is Puyo Puyo Chronicle?


Arle and Carbuncle were playing together in Primp Town when suddenly, a mysterious picture book appears.

She thought what appeared before her was one of Satan’s tricks, but Satan was acting strange and disappeared off somewhere…

There, they meet a mysterious girl named Allie, who for some reason refers to Arle as a hero. Set off on a grand adventure in order to return Arle and Carbuncle back to their original world!



From left to right:

  • Arle (voiced by Mie Sonozaki)
  • Carbuncle (voiced by Tamaki Nakanishi)
  • Allie (voiced by Honoka Inoue)
  • Amity (voiced by Shiho Kikuchi)
  • Ringo (voiced by Asami Imai)

RPG Mode



The main mode of Puyo Puyo Chronicle is RPG Mode. Freely control 3D characters and explore a new, fully 3D world.



In RPG Mode, there is of course a large volume of main quests, but there are also various sub-quests, too.

New Rule: Skill Battle


A new rule called “Skill Battle,” where you can enjoy team battles and character development, will appear in the main story. The level-up-based character development system is easy for first-time users, and advanced users will enjoy it as well.

Boss Battle with Everyone


A new mode called “Boss Battle with Everyone” allows up to four local players to cooperatively take on a boss battle. You can obtain rare items by defeating these formidable foes, so be sure to try it out.

17 Types of Rules


Puyo Puyo Chronicle offers 17 popular game rules, including the new “Skill Battle” rule and others like “Puyo Puyo Tsu” and “Puyo Puyo Fever,” as well the four-player “Everybody Puyo Puyo.” You can battle with players online via the “Internet Battle” rule.

Anniversary Box


A 9,490 yen Anniversary Box edition will include:

  • Special packaging

  • 25th anniversary soundtrack

  • 25th anniversary vocal tracks

  • 25th anniversary drama CD

  • Puyo Puyo 25th anniversary 3DS theme

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