SEGA announces Dark Souls inspired game Soul Reverse for Arcades

SEGA has announced the next upcoming SEGA-AM2 arcade game Soul Reverse, which is looking quite a bit like a Dark Souls type of game. While people will fight and point out that SEGA-AM2 already dabbled into dark fantasy with their arcade game The Quest of D, you’re right. I’m wrong. But it seems this title is trying to cash in on the ‘Souls‘ name with a title like Soul Reverse. It is also true that SEGA previously announced Soul Reverse as a mobile phone title, that should already be out on iOS and Android, but the arcade version is its own build that is 70% complete as of today.

SEGA has revealed one of the characters in the game, Luce, who will be voiced by Japanese actress Nanami Yamashita (you can see her in the screens). You can view the trailer for Soul Reverse above and see screenshots after the jump.

[Via: Segalization]


2 responses to “SEGA announces Dark Souls inspired game Soul Reverse for Arcades

  1. Christopher says:

    So is this a hack n slash game like Golden Axe? If so it looks awesome. If this is a turned based battle game with cards then I’m not interested.

  2. Raki cola says:

    That card stuff is uncceptable. Theres a diarea spree of those games on mobile

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