SEGA Japanese developers talk Nintendo Switch

SEGADevelopersSwitchSeeing as we are big SEGA fanboys, it is safe to say we care about what their developers think about a upcoming console. This month on Famitsu, SEGA Japanese developers talk Nintendo Switch and their thoughts on the big reveal presentation. The original news piece, posted by Nintendo Everything, also had other top Japanese developers. So check that out if you want to learn what other top Japanese talent from other publishing companies thought about the Nintendo Switch. So what SEGA Japanese developers talk Nintendo Switch? We have Takashi Iizuka (Sonic the Hedgehog series), Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza series) and Mizuki Hosoyamada (Puyo Puyo series).

Takashi Iizuka (Sonic series producer)


“The introduction of the hardware was very fascinating. I’m very excited thinking about all of the different ways to use the little removable controllers, with their various sensors, HD Rumble, and the IR camera packed inside them. But I felt Nintendo’s excessive focus on new IPs was unsatisfactory. There were plenty of Switch-friendly titles that showed off the console’s features, but I think they should have appealed to fans with more of their existing titles, like Mario Kart 8.”

Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza)


“I came up on the stage during the presentation, and even during the the preparation meeting, you could feel this extraordinary fighting spirit from Nintendo. So I felt kind of nervous for the first time in a while, as I was the one who kicked off their third-party announcements.”


“It’s like a mechanical nexus of modern computer technology. It takes a solid resolve to pack absolutely everything in like that, without making any sacrifices. Now it’s up to the software studios to make the most out of it. If they can make games with unique enough features to rival the plethora of features the Switch itself has, they’ll be great matches.”

Mizuki Hosoyamada (Puyo Puyo series producer)


“We’re already working on Puyo Tetris S for it, but if I were to make a new game on it, I think I’d probably do something that focused on the split nature of the Joy-Con, where you attach different things to them. The fact that the online services will be subscription-based in the future is something important to consider. I think it would also be essential to base a ground-up game on the HD Rumble.”

SEGA Japanese developers talk Nintendo Switch, but did they say anything you care about? Let us know what you think of their PR talk and what SEGA games you would like to see on the upcoming console. Thanks!


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  1. Jonathan Thompson says:

    Does this mean that they are thinking about making a new console of their own?

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