Sonic’s Chief Brand Officer ‘We don’t limit ourselves by genre’


Sonic the Hedgehog‘s recent games have been pretty focused  by being “action games” or “action platformers”. Hard to pin down a genre for the boost gameplay, but they have been what we expect from the Blue Blur. Sonic the Hedgehog chief brand officer Ivo Gerscovich talked with about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie and a few other topics. The interview was rather short, only having about seven questions answered. One of the questions he got was what genre Sonic hasn’t covered yet and if they are planning to revisit the Sonic RPG concept that they tried with Sonic Chronicles on Nintendo DS (interview says 3DS. Wrong!):

“A Big the Cat survival horror game!  Just kidding. Sonic Twitter told me to say that (laughs).  In all seriousness, we have been working overtime to restore fans’ trust in our products and continue to grow and position the brand for the future. We don’t limit ourselves by genre, but instead explore all opportunities that make sense.”  Ivo Gerscovich, Sonic the Hedgehog Chief Brand Officer 

One genre that has been successful for the Sonic brand was the Kart racing genre, which seems to have gained rumors that there will be a new entry announced soon. Maybe the Sonic the Hedgehog brand is finally ready to spread its wings again and try different genres? What genre would you like to see a Sonic the Hedgehog game cover? Let us know in the comments below.


10 responses to “Sonic’s Chief Brand Officer ‘We don’t limit ourselves by genre’

  1. Tailsic says:

    a dancing Sonic game would be epic.

  2. Bertodecosta says:

    But still the most successful genre for the Sonic brand was ……………. Olympic Games !!!

  3. Why not try a non-linear Sonic game?

  4. I_Miss_Sega_of_Old says:

    This is great Sega, how about you start by ending 3D Sonic and sticking to Mania, since it’s the only thing that’s worked for the blue guy.

    • Tailsic says:

      why does 3D sonic have to disappear, why can’t we have both, I really enjoy Sonic 3D outing more then his 2D, classic 2D does appeal to me anymore, but just because of that I doesn’t mean i don’t want Classic game to still be made, i’m not selfish like that, there are fans of both sides, and both should get to enjoy what they like.

  5. AfroRyan says:

    I would love a Sonic game that has a similar mechanic as Castlevania Harmony of Despair, with a big open level that you can zoom out or into, with many paths that all lead to the same place. A game that is best in multiplayer where everyone starts on a different path, but is totally fine to be played by yourself. Have a bunch of characters and levels from the franchise represented, and let people have fun cooperating to get to the center boss.

  6. I pray that SEGA will make a free run Sonic game.

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