SEGA teases possible New Sakura Wars game presentation during Tokyo Game Show 2018 talk

If you guys didn’t already know, SEGA will be reviving the Sakura Wars franchise with a brand new game which was announced at SEGA Fes 2018 this past April. As far as that announcement, SEGA and the team have been pretty hushed on details until it was brought up on SEGA’s latest Sega-Nama broadcast, a official Japanese SEGA news variety program hosted by Toshihiro Nagoshi.

Hit the jump to check out Nagoshi and co-host Anyana Tsubaki discuss the possibility of a Sakura Taisen presentation set for ‘summer’:

Tsubaki: “As always, Gotoku will have a booth at Tokyo Game Show—there will even be a photo spot. We’re all wondering what kind information will be announced there.”

Nagoshi: “We’re also doing our best with Sakura.”

Tsubaki: “Ohh, Sakura Wars, too?”

Nagoshi: “We’re doing it, it’s happening.”

Tsubaki: “You’re saying it’ll have a summer announcement?”

Nagoshi: “Yes. So what it’ll look like and when, well… The pressure might be mounting leading to the Show, but I wouldn’t mention it if it was still half-baked. So I’m putting it out there.”

Tsubaki: “But is it going to be satisfying?”

Nagoshi: “Well, it has to be. Given that speediness doesn’t mean it’s particularly wonderful, though obviously it’s better the sooner it’s done.”

Tsubaki: “Well, either way, I think fans will be happy to hear they have something to look forward to some months from now.”

Nagoshi: “There will be announcements here and there.”

So I re-read the conversation and to be honest it seems that having it set for summer will mean next year? According to google, in Japan summer is set from June to August, meaning that we are at the last month of summer. Nagoshi’s co-host even says that fans will have something to look forward to some months from now…

So it will seem that New Sakura Taisen video game is actually in early development? A Summer 2019 presentation is what it seems like to me. But I don’t see why they would even bring it up when they are talking about Tokyo Game Show 2018… What do you think?

[Via: Gematsu]


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