Let’s Remember Sonic Unleashed 11 Years After Release – Twitter Edition

SEGA’s Sonic Unleashed was a very important game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, it was the birth of a brand new ‘boost Sonic’ formula that would extend to Sonic Colors, Generations and even the latest Forces video game. At the same time it was also the start of focusing on Sonic and abandoning the friends that became mainstay since the release of Sonic Adventure.

To celebrate, I asked on Twitter what our audience thought about Sonic Unleashed, all these 11 years later. First we had a 3 hour long poll that got 459 votes and hot takes from fans:

It seems that most people think fondly of Sonic Unleashed, which upon release got mixed reviews from websites mostly due to its Werewolf aspect. But maybe all these years later, gamers have become more forgiving? It seems over half of our audience considers the game to be good to great, with only 11% expressing that Sonic Unleashed was bad.

SEGAbits contributor Dakota weighs in on Sonic Unleashed‘s legacy:

One thing that a lot of people forget was how long Werewolf stages in Sonic Unleashed got. It could take up to half an hour to complete some of those stages!

SEGAbits’ resident Spicy Boy FlareHabanero says:

Mr. Linkabel shows his respect for the passion behind Sonic Unleashed:

Here are other hot takes from other Twitter users on Sonic Unleashed legacy, over a decade later:

Maybe we will do more articles on here celebrating other games’ Anniversaries and let you guys sound off on our Twitter. So follow us if you haven’t. If you didn’t get a chance to sound off, you can tell us what you think about Sonic Unleashed 11 years later, in the comments below.


8 responses to “Let’s Remember Sonic Unleashed 11 Years After Release – Twitter Edition

  1. I have Sonic Unleashed for the PS2. Sonic Unleashed has a very special place in may heart, for it was one of the first games I played as child. It’s still a great game today, and I am still trying to collect all of the items from the Gaia Temples to this day.

  2. am2model3 says:

    Sonic Unleashed, aka Sonic World Adventure; an under appreciated Sonic game! Fantastic

  3. me says:

    Guess everyone forgot how much of a chore Werehog was.
    And the fact that Werehog was like 2/3 of the game.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Unleashed is a quintessential Sonic game. Sonic running throuhg real world locations and interacting with the world as he travels is really fun and somewhat immersive, in my opinion. Also Werehog visual design is really cool, but Werehog gameplay is just… piss. It brings the entire game down. Just like Classic Sonic made Sonic Forces less fun.

  4. Adam says:

    Night stage gameplay was ok, but not fitting for sonic (Neither was the werehog.)
    Boost gameplay is not my cuppo tea either. What’s the point of going fast if you can’t even enjoy the game? It’s just mindless. It began a stupid trend that continues to the latest installments. It made me quit console Sonic games and never look back. Mania was a godsend, but now we need a new Adventure. A REAL ONE, NOT SOME GAME CALLED ADVENTURE IN JAPAN BUT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SONIC ADVENTURE.


    Come on Sega, give us that Steam release.

  6. Tayze Bell says:

    Truth be told I’d say it’s the best 3D Sonic game, not my favorite… but the best.

  7. Hitrax says:

    I actually liked Sonic Unleashed and would consider it one of the best 3D Sonic titles, though I get what some people were saying about the night stages, it did kind of drag on a bit at times, things do get better and improve though as long as you keep upgrading your werehog stats, which are much more important than Sonic’s regular daytime form.

    It initially started out from concept as what Sonic Adventure 3 otherwise would have been had Sega kept the Dreamcast going a year or 2 longer maybe, which would have made it quite different from what it ended up becoming a few years later, that’s why it’s real original true name outside of the US is ‘Sonic World Adventure’.

    And all the Dreamcast references and the concept ect also, it sort of having a Dreamcast spirit about it, it’s probably fair to say it would likely could be what a Dreamcast 2 Sonic title would have been like in terms of fidelity – hence its more vibrant deep crisp colour rich texturing that was characteristic of the Dreamcast look, just look at the red on Sonic’s shoes in contrast to the other colours ect.

  8. Hitrax says:

    *Sonic World Adventure (Unleashed) being a spiritual Sega Dreamcast 3D game in the same way that Sonic Mania was designed to be a 2D Sega Saturn game.

    Both were initially designed from conceptual stages to be as such.

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