Phantasy Star Online fan puts together a concept pitch for a Nintendo Switch port

If you’ve been around our blog for awhile, you know we are all huge Phantasy Star Online fans, we even gushed about our history with the game on our SEGA Talk episode. While the original Phantasy Star Online got a ton of ports including PC, GameCube and Xbox, it has been quite forgotten more recently. While SEGA focuses on Phantasy Star Online 2, it seems a lot of fans still thirst for the original game.

Above is a concept pitch created by Phantasy Star Online fan Alex The Actualizer, which includes the image renders below. I do find myself thinking that SEGA is missing a huge opportunity to re-release a classic game like this, especially since the Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst version never got a console release. Not to mention that since the Nintendo Switch has a GameCube controller adapter, we can use our big Gamecube/Keyboard hybrid monster!

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4 responses to “Phantasy Star Online fan puts together a concept pitch for a Nintendo Switch port

  1. Elk says:

    I don’t understand the point in Sega making things as a Switch exclusive, but if it has to be on the Switch why restrict it to just that when it’s the least owned by core Sega players, the new Panzer Dragoon series remake was just made a Switch exclusive as well as Bayonetta including the entire Sega Ages platform series, it’s about time the Xbox got more Sega seeing as it’s been the most neglected the past few years, which was why I was so glad to see Phantasy Star Online 2 come to it as the perfect system for it.

    • Ted Kaczynski says:

      “least owned by core Sega players” where are you getting this information?
      “it’s about time the Xbox got more Sega” oh you’re in a cult, i’m so sorry for you

    • ToeJam and Knuckles again says:

      The OG XBOX had some great Sega exclusives including the first PSO when it was playable. I’m glad the sequel is coming to XBOX ONE first. There’s actually motivation to buy it now. If Switch were to get PSO, make it the Gamecube games instead. Speaking of which, when are they gonna bring back Billy Hatcher??? Anyway after Switch owners get hooked on it, they can move onto PSO 2. Think of it as a demo of sorts. They don’t need XBOX ONE to play PSO 2 either, just a decent PC.

  2. Nikkikomori says:

    It’s a really nice idea, and well meaning but unfortunately it’d be doomed to fail in the mass market of today. Private servers are too prevalent, people are too used to the custom content, let alone custom commands and options of more fleshed out servers. People forget how barebones SEGA’s own PSO experience was. Even legacy games like PSO gamecube and PSO v2 private servers customize options available to players now. Even releasing the source code at this point (unless its for the client itself) would be a waste of time.

    Not to mention even as cool as SEGA is with their fans, since PSO is a niche even with PSO2’s presence, the market space competition would be tight. So much so I think even they would demand private server closures, which would just drive a wedge between them and their fans.

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