Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown to have delay-based netcode

According to the folks over at Kotaku, who talked to a SEGA representative via e-mail, have finally confirmed if Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown will have roll-back netcode. It won’t. This might be the biggest disappointment to fans looking forward to playing games with someone across the country.

It seems that the game will be re-using the old Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown netcode, which at the time was well received but now more people are asking for rollback netcode in fighting games. This movement has spread so far out that SNK has even went back and updated their old classic games with rollback netcode.

Though just because a team uses rollback, doesn’t mean that the game will not have lag or other issues. For example, Street Fighter V uses Capcom’s own rollback netcode and I personally have had way more smoother games in Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown back in the day.


3 responses to “Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown to have delay-based netcode

  1. Gif says:

    Its the same game. What a fraud

    • Hitrax says:

      It’s not the same, although some prefer the original VF5 (2006) release, Final Showdown was the subsequent ‘type C’ revision (the revised arcade equivalent) – a later refinement of the core mechanics though it also cut some stuff out like Quest mode campaign and all the assets within were given as DLC packs for VF5:FS, various other things changed like the BGM (though you can use the BGM stages of every stage of the roster from every installment in the series to the 1993 original, including the type A standard and type B revision of VF5, if you changed it in the options screen from the main menu).

      Seen the screenshots of VF5:US compared to the FS edition of VF5, almost next gen difference. Some believe its another missed opportunity limiting it in platform but making it exclusive is more a ‘timed’ exclusive being worked out.

      So essentially, another installment of VF5 with;

      * Updated next gen visuals.
      * Dragon Engine usage Sega uses for the Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza) series.
      * New cinematics.
      * Spectator mode.
      * Online tournaments with 16 player capacity.
      * Full lobby system.
      * Stage redesigns.
      * New BGMs. Ect

      An equivalent to a next gen remake rather than a next gen remaster basically.
      Personally I’d have loved to see something equivalent to a 10th anniversary style edition (included with VF4: Evolution) built in at some point where all characters (old and new) were given the Sega Model 1/2 look and all were brought back into the original VF (1993) with all the modern mechanics. And then I just saw a new trailer last night and it will even include the classic VF1 with all old and new characters and mechanics included.

      Maybe Limited Run can get on something too with a physical limited edition.
      That reminds, it’ll soon be the 30th anniversary of the franchise in 2 years.

    • Hitrax says:

      Edit: VF1 has now also been added as part of the Legendary DLC pack, this is VF1 in the Sega Model 1 console style but with all the since updated mechanics from the entire subsequent series up to VF5 Final Showdown.

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