SEGA Saturn classic Bulk Slash gets impressive English fan localization patch

[Trailer edited by Bofner]

The SEGA fan translation community has been on fire recently with fan translations and they seem to be getting bigger. For example the recently fan localized Sakura Wars GB: Go Forth, Young Cadet! even restored cut content that didn’t make it in the Japanese release. 

Now some of the people that brought you that are back to release their most ambitious localization to date: Bulk Slash, a title praised for its presentation, soundtrack, gameplay, replayability, and its graphics. The localization team not only translated all the text, but also had voice actors come in and dub the game. For a fan localization project, this is pretty major.

Download Bulk Slash English Translation Patch Here

Press Kit including manuals, covers and inserts!

BulkSlash_BackBoxArt_US BulkSlash_FoldOutManual


Full credits to everyone that worked on Bulk Slash!

Localization Team Credits:
Project Lead, Translator, Voice Director – Greg Moore
Script Editors – Dan “Danthrax” Myers, Chanh “Burntends” Nguyen Twitter @burntends2 , Ghaleon
Code Insertion, Video Editor – Mamdouh “Mampfus” Maduar
Graphics and Font Editor, Tile Setter – Dan “Danthrax” Myers
Talent Scout, Community Manager – Chanh “Burntends” Nguyen
Twin Stick Implementation – Knight0fdragon
Recreated Musical Score – Jiggle85 and his brother, Shadowmask
Recreated Sound Effects – Shadowmask
Audio Engineers – Shadowmask, Mamdouh “Mampfus” Maduar, Greg Moore

Chris Dooley – Jonathan Boncher
Riesen Lavia – Luuzine
Leone Rhodes – Edobean
Lira Hart – Erin Lefe
Metical Flair – Dark Mysty
Naira Savage – Raycher
Rupia Rude – Diana Allocco
Colón Steiner – Saskia Amira
Kina Dibiase – CrouchingMouse
Narrator – Nick “PandaMonium” Broadway
Protecting Boy, Mana – CrouchingMouse
Bully #1 – Eugene
Bully #2 – Edobean
Adult Kina, Computer – Cargodin
Reporter – Sara Biebuyck
King Flair – Ucial
Lira Fans – Danthrax, Mampfus, Burntends, Greg Moore
Motor Show Men – SaturnDave, Patrick “TraynoCo” Traynor

Kris Taquka’angcuk Knigge
Thorsten Roth
The localization team’s families
Shiro Media Group
SegaXtreme forum


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