Border Break 2.5 Trailer

Here is the trailer for version 2.5 of Sega’s hit arcade game Border Break. This latest version introduces new mechs (Blast Runners) and new stages. It also introduces new battle modes: “Offensive Battles” and “Defensive Battles.” The players will be split into offensive and defensive teams that will have to either defend or attack the opposition’s core.

I’ve always wanted to play this game. It looks awesome.

Hatsune Miku’s Sonic Outfit in Project Diva 2.5

Heads up Sonic fans, in the latest Hatsune Miku game ‘Project Diva 2.5’ Miku will be taking to the stage dressed how I imagine Lady Gaga might dress when she nips down the shops for a carton of milk.

SEGA artist and character designer Yuji Uekawa (Ristar, Sonic, and Samba De Amigo) has stepped up and designed “Sonic Miku” effectively Hatsune Miku in a Sonic hoodie.

Project Diva 2.5 arrives on the PSP this Autumn. Now, all I really want to know is, where can one procure a hoodie like this out here in drab RL?