New Sonic Generations demo on its way

Good news for fans who are eager to get their hands on Sonic Generations; there will be another demo, one that will allow you to play as both Classic and Modern Sonic on Green Hill Zone. According to a somewhat confusingly-worded post on the Sega Blog, the demo will be coming to Xbox Live and the PSN on October 19th (Europe) and to Xbox Live on October 19th and the PSN on October 28th in North America.

Sonic Generations will be released November 4th on both the PS3 and 360.

[Thanks to Sega Neptune]

Update: Looks like Sega has just posted a clarifying comment after the blog post, though to be honest it’s left me a bit more confused:

Just to clarify –

Europe: PSN and XBLA demo will be available on Oct 18th

North America: XBLA Demo will be available on Oct 18th, PSN on Oct 25th.

So I guess the demo will be available on either the 18th, the 19th, or the 25th depending on your platform of choice, which continent you live on, and whether you’re going by the dates in the Blog Post or the clarifying comment. It’ll be soon regardless.

Update 2: The 18th.