Shenmue Recreated in Sleeping Dogs (Fan Video)

Check out this parody of Shenmue 2 recreated in the game Sleeping Dogs. It’s done rather well and at times it’s very funny. The QTE battles and chases were great and I lost it when Ryo found ‘the mirror.’

Being set in Hong Kong Sleeping Dogs shares a similar aesthetic to Shenmue and so was perfect for parodying our beloved Shenmue. This also gives us a glimpse at what Shenmue HD or even Shenmue 3 might look like. (Get on with it already Sega!)

The parody was created by the youtube user DSimphonyHD, Segabits solutes you sir!

More Yu Suzuki at Toulouse Game Show 2011

After years of being MIA it’s absolutely fantastic to see one of my heroes back in the public eye again. Here is another video of his Toulouse Game Show appearance and a lot of great questions answered! It’s subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Kenji who translated, subtitled and directed the video and Ziming for uploading it!

Yu Suzuki Interview – Toulouse Game Show 2011 (Must Watch!)

Yu Suzuki attended the Toulouse Game Show 2011 and here is an absolutely fantastic interview with Yu Suzuki from the event, possibly the best I’ve ever seen! Yu Suzuki is maybe the most iconic person to have ever worked at Sega, Suzuki is the man behind some of Segas most beloved classics such as OutRun, After Burner, Space Harrier, Hang-On, Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter and of course the ill-fated Shenmue saga.

In this interview by Yu Suzuki answers some of the most important questions any Sega or Shenmue fan cold pose and they are met with some great replies from Suzuki.

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Mike Hayes – We’re not deaf to Shenmue demands

Sega West big boss man Mike Hayes has been talking Shenmue again, in an interview with CVG he said while Sega has “no plans at the moment” for a new Shenmue on consoles, he encouraged Shenmue devotees not to lose hope, insisting that the publisher is taking demand for a new iteration “very seriously indeed“.

Hopefully, we’ve shown that we’re listening to [those that love old Sega IP] because we have pretty much reduxed or reinvented all of it in one way or another,” he told CVG.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – Flipbook Animation is Awesome!

Check out this really cool Sonic the Hedgehog 3 flipbook animation. I have some serious admiration for anyone that has the patience to make such a long and detailed flipbook.

I remember getting flip books like this in cereal back in the 90’s, I gave it a go and made a very primitive flip book of an alien space ship flying though clouds… It was bad to say the least!

[Thanks to TaroYamada]

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Valkyria Chronicles 3 – New DLC Trailer

From what I can gather this trailer highlights multiple DLC releases including six new ‘Hard EX’ missions which will release for 200 Yen ($2.40) each and two additional ‘Story Episodes’ at 600 Yen ($7.30) each.
The Story Episodes will allow you to play as fan favorite characters such as Alicia, Wekin, Isara and Edy as well as some new weaponry.

Meanwhile here we are in the West still waiting for the vanilla game, hurry up Sega!

Sonic Colours Trailer 3 Reveals New Wisps!

The third trailer for Sonic Colours is here! This time showing off a brand new level set in an outer-space level.

The trailer also shows three wisps in action including the brand new Purple Frenzy wisp, Blue Cube wisp and the already announced Green Hover wisp and Pink Spikes wisp.

I’m not sure what to make of the purple one yet. Looks like the least interesting of the lot so far. The blue on the other hand seems to work like a Mario Power (P) item changing blocks into blue rings you can collect. I see a lot of potential for platforming and puzzles in the blue wisp.

Also worth noting is the pink wisps ability to Spin Dash, pretty cool but something Sonic should have by default in my opinion.