Sega Invites Destructoid Over For Cake

Sega continues to heckle Destructoid over Jim Sterling’s review of Sonic Colours by inviting Jon Carnage to Sega of Americas HQ and awarding Destructoid with a 4.5 cake.

Jim Sterling gave Sonic Colours a 4.5/10 while the average score was around the 8/10 mark amongst other (better) critics.

Recently Sega also sent Jim Sterling a review copy of Sonic Colours DS with a picture of Sterling depicted as a troll stuck to the cover. Not satisfied with that, Sega also sent him a giant poster of Sonic Colours after his (pretty terrible) review hit the net.

I think Sega have handled a rather poor review pretty well, showing they have a sense of humour and taking a few digs at Destructoid along the way. If anything I think it shows good faith in their product.
Well played Sega.